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Welcome to the TCTC Library: Circulation Policy


How do I get books?

How do I check out books?

  • Bring your TCTC ID or some form of identification.
  • You may check out up to eight books at a time.
  • You may keep them for three weeks.
  • You may renew your books one time.
  • Overdue fees: 10 cents a day*

What do I do if the library doesn't have what I need? 

What about reserve items? 

Ask us at the front desk.

Check the reserve catalog for details.

Library Reserve Policy

Reserve Policy

What are the details about putting items on reserve?

  • Use the following form to put material on reserve:
  • We'll keep the items on reserve for two consecutive semesters (Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall).
  • If we own it, we will put it back into circulation at the end of the 2nd semester (Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall).
  • If you own it, we will send it back to you via campus mail (unless you tell us you want to pick it up.)

What about copyright?

  • We follow the U. S. Copyright Law guidelines following the permissions for making copies for educational purposes granted within Section 107 of the Copyright Law.*
  • Fair use is determined by the following characteristics:
    • Purpose and character of the use.
    • Determines whether the item is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes.
    • Depends on the nature of the copyrighted work.
    • Explains how much of the work you can copy in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole.
    • How copying will affect the copyrighted item's market potential or value.

To us, this means the following types of things can be put on reserve:

  • One chapter of a book
  • One article from a periodical or newspaper
  • One short story, short essay, or short poem, whether or not from a collective work
  • One chart, graph, diagram, cartoon, or picture from a book, periodical, or newspaper

*The Library also adheres to the TCTC Policies and Procedures concerning copyright. For further information see Policy No. 1-3-100, 1-8-1010, and Procedures No. 1-8-1010.1, 1-8-1010.2.

Renew your materials

Renew your materials

If you would like to renew an item without coming to the library in person, you have a number of options. 

  • Send us a note and we will renew it for you:

Ask us a question

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