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Tutoring Services: Policies

Online Paper Submissions

Writing tutors will be available to review papers online. Please submit them for review to Here are the important details:

  • Students may submit papers written for any subject area.
  • Each paper may be submitted twice for feedback
  • Papers must be sent from your TCTC email address
  • Papers should be submitted at least two full weekdays before the paper is due. Tutors review during scheduled working hours, and those do not include weekends.
  • Papers should be sent as attachments (not in the body of an e-mail). Attachments should be Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx file formats).
  • Papers should be complete, including parenthetical citations and sources (if documentation is required).
  • Include the following in the body of the email:
    • The instructor's name
    • The name of the course
    • The time and place the course meets (ex. Econ 203 online; History 210, 5:30 P.M. at Hamilton Career Center; English 101, 8:00 A.M. at Wren High School; or English 101 at 5:00 P.M. in Oconee Hall 207)
    • The type/purpose of the assignment-comparison/contrast, summary, research, illustration, article, book report, lab report, process, report, response to reading, summary, analysis, persuasive paragraph, portfolio, etc.
    • The date the paper is due
    • Any additional information to help the tutor understand the requirements of the assignment, such as a rubric or the assignment details.

Tutoring Policies

Tutors will

  • Answer questions about course material or the writing process
  • Strengthen students’ academic skills and encourage positive learning habits
  • Provide academic coaching on study skills, time management, technology, and other learning strategies
  • Engage the student in an active appointment

Tutors will NOT

  • Complete the work, give answers, or edit an assignment
  • Review papers or assist with assignments due within the NEXT TWO HOURS (This does not provide adequate time for the student to utilize and apply the information from the session.)
  • Assist with quizzes or tests without instructor consent
  • Provide feedback about possible grades on an assignment

Students will

  • Bring any required materials for the appointment (e.g. textbook, assignment sheet, syllabus, etc.)
  • Attempt the work prior to the session
  • Set goals for the session
  • Be conservative with scheduling (Although multiple appointments are permitted, back-to-back appointments and excessive scheduling are not allowed unless students have accommodations or a special circumstance approved by the Tutoring Services Manager.)
  • Notify Tutoring Services of a cancellation or tardiness at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled session (If a student is over 10 minutes late for an appointment without contacting Tutoring Services, the appointment may be given to another student. Also, if a student misses 3 consecutive appointments, Tutoring Services has the right to cancel the remainder of scheduled appointments after trying to reach out to the student.)