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English: Books, Ebooks, & Reference

This guide will support English students throughout their coursework and provide useful resources on literature, poetry, drama, and more!



Books and reference material are useful for getting an overview of a given topic. For reference materials this overview is usually a short, fact oriented description of the topic, occasionally with references. They are considered one of the most authoritative sources. Books, similarly, usually approach a topic from multiple perspectives. These are some of the longest forms of research, and you may find that you only need a specific chapter or section of a book, rather than the whole thing.

Keep in mind, a book can go the complete other direction in terms of specificity. Rather than an bird's eye view of a topic, it could delve very deep on just one aspect of a topic, exploring it fully and providing a deep understanding. Again, it may be valuable to focus on sections of books rather than complete works while doing research.

The TCTC Catalog:

To search the TCTC book catalog, head to, type your search term in the search box, and select "TCTC library catalog only" from the drop down that appears.