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Fall 2023 Skillshop Series

Note-Taking to the Next Level

Pages and pages and pages of notes! Notes on lectures, notes on PowerPoints, notes on textbooks! But what makes something noteworthy? And how can we get more return on this ginormous investment? We’ll examine the intrinsic purpose of notetaking, and how we can use more effective and more streamlined techniques, not just to fill up pages, but capture, keep, and internalize knowledge and understanding.

Study Strategies for Success

It’s just not natural… learning in the classroom is not something our brains are geared to do out of the box. And a whole lot of our received knowledge about how learning is supposed to work is really kinda wrong. But recent developments in the learning sciences are changing all that and revolutionizing our understanding of how our brains function best. It turns out there are ways to get more out of our efforts and to learn how to learn more effectively and efficiently. We’ll apply those latest insights in and out of the classroom in order to raise our study game.

Building Connections Thru TCTC

Building Connections Thru TCTC - Connected Learning 
We’re constantly learning, and we learn best when our learning is connected. Connected learning happens when we take advantage of the opportunities all around us to give meaning to what we learn – connecting our learning to our personal interests and passions. When we do that, we not only increase our academic achievement, but advance our career success and become more engaged in the world around us. During his time at TCTC, Evan Branyon figured out how to do just that, and now as he prepares to graduate from CU this spring, he’s sharing his experience with us.


Building Connections Thru TCTC - Career Connections 
Our careers should be more than just the 9-to-5, more than just a means to pay the bills. Our careers should be a journey, a calling, a course of action, and means to grow and learn and prosper. A career is the point where passion meets profession, and, as such, careers don’t begin with a job; they begin with an idea – an idea about who we are, who we want to be, and where we might be going. Learn more f
rom Tri-County’s own Precious Vandiver.


Cultivating Connections - Insights from an HR Insider 
Networking sounds like, well, a whole lot of work. But experts like Kellie Boone, a TCTC alumna and human resources manager at Horton Inc., in Oconee County, know that professional networks lead to greater opportunity, deeper knowledge, and longer-lasting payoffs in our personal lives and careers. Building networks isn’t just about being gregarious – it’s about nurturing relationships and developing meaningful connections. We can all learn how to build better networks. Kellie gives tips on the importance of networking whether you are a current student or a graduate seeking employment.