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Skillshops: Skillshop Videos

Skillshop Shorts

Skillshop shorts are bite-size videos that give a brief overview of the information and topics discussed in the longer skillshop videos.

Summer Mini-Skillshop Series:

Time Management & the Learning Brain

Sure, time management is about being organized, but it's also about much more. Time - and how we use time - impacts the way we learn and the way our brains process new information. By reducing stress, by deterring procrastination, by understanding the body's learning cycle - we can get better at both learning and life.

The Physiology of Learning

How the Body-Brain Dynamic Shapes Cognitive Performance

The evidence is clear: our bodies help us learn, and doing so involves more than just that crinkly organ between our ears. How we use our bodies impacts what our minds are able to accomplish - movement links to memory, sleep links to stress, creativity links to neuroplasticity, and it all links together. We'll examine ways to hack the body-brain connection to boost cognitive function and increase our learning power.

Myths and Misunderstandings of Online Learning

Find out the myths and misunderstandings associated with e-learning. We will separate truth from legend to make online classes less mysterious and become effective e-learners.

Making Course Components Work for Us

We'll examine ways to leverage the common elements used throughout online courses to take control of our elearning experience.