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Printing: Home

This page explains the printing capabilities and process at TCTC.
How to print from a TCTC computer:
  • From the Print Dialog Box, select the printer.
    • Sharp Multifunction = big, stand-alone printers in most common student areas; color & monochrome options
    • Sharp Printer = small, tabletop printers; monochrome prints only 
  • Select color or monochrome ("black & white") in the print dialog box.
    • Monochrome is 4¢/page and color is 8¢/page.
  • The document will be sent to all of the printers on campus.
  • Login to the printer with your TCTC ID card or enter your username and password.
  • Choose the jobs you want to print (or choose "Print All").
How to print from a laptop:
  • Log into
  • On the left panel of the menu, choose "web print."
  • Click on "submit job."
  • Options:
    • "Sharp Multifunction" (big, stand-alone printers in most student common areas) or "Sharp Printer" (small, tabletop printers)
    • Color or Monochrome (monochrome= black & white)
    • Single-sided or Double-sided
  • Click the green boxes in the bottom right-hand corner to navigate to the next step.
  • When you see "Held in a queue," the job is ready to be released from the printer.
Add money to your printing account:
  1. Purchase a print card from the Bookstore on 2nd floor of Student Success Center (Pendleton Campus) or from a supply vending machine (Community Campuses).
  2. Login to, select "Redeem Card", and enter the code from the card.




How to print posters and 3D models:
  • The poster printer is located in the Pendleton Learning Commons Makerspace, SSC300.
    • Community Campus Students can submit poster print requests to
    • Staff are happy to assist with design and tech support. 
  • Login to the Makerspace Computer. 
  • Create or locate a PDF, JPG, or TIFF poster file. 
  • Open iPF Direct Print & Share. Register Printer by selecting Add.
  • Next, Add your file.  Verify sizing and select print.   
      3D models