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How to search in Primo

Types of resources

By default, Primo searches across a lot of different source types. This can be useful when trying to find the most relevant information, regardless of where it was published. But in order to make sense of the results, you will still want to be aware of what type of source the result is. Primo uses both graphics and labels to help you understand what you're looking at:

ArticlesIcon from article result in Primo       JournalsIcon from journal result in Primo       NewspapersIcon from newspaper result in Primo     

VideosIcon from video result in Primo       BooksIcon from book result in Primo(May also be a picture of the book cover)

Item details

When you click on a title of a result, you'll see more details about that item. This can help you determine if the source is one you want to explore in more detail to determine if it is a useful source for you.

Some key parts of an item record:

Send to

The "Send to" section of the details page will allow you to find your way back to this record. If you select "Print" the details page will print (not the full text of the source). The "Citation," "Permalink," and "Email" options will allow you to keep the data you need to find the source again. Pro tip: you do not want to grab the URL from the top bar on your browser (e.g., Chrome, Edge, Safari) because that is not a link to the search result, but instead a temporary link to your search results.

Primo "Send to" options

View online or Get it

If you've decided you want to access the full source, you'll need to find either the "View online" section (for electronic sources) or "Get it" section (for print sources).  Here you will see how you can either access or request the source, depending on its type and availability.

A preview of the View Online section of a Primo record     A preview of the "Get it" section for a book description in Primo