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American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Culture Studies: American Sign Language (ASL)

Links and Resources

Signing Savvy website logo Signing Savvy
This is one of the multitude of video dictionaries available online. It shows multiple ways a sign can be conveyed (although pay attention to the order of the tabs on each entry; "ASL 1" means a sign will be more commonly understood than "ASL 2").
Thumbnail of ASL Fingerspelling chart Fingerspelling Alphabet Charts
Also from Dr. Bill's website, these charts of the ASL alphabet, labelled and unlabelled, are useful wallpapers or printables to help you memorize the handshapes!
Deaf Coffee website logo Deaf Coffee
This helpful site lists meetups and social events for the Deaf and signing communities. The list is not exhaustive, but if you want to find a place to practice your ASL with other signers, this can help!
Fingerspelling practice game GIF Fingerspelling Practice Drill Game
Dr. Bill Vicars is a respected Deaf teacher of ASL in the American Deaf communities. His free website hosts this simple game to help you learn to read fingerspelling, along with other ASL practice games!

TCTC Library Resources for ASL Students