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Makerspace: Think Play Learn!

Brain Games and Puzzles

The science is matters!

(And so does rest!)

Cognitive science shows you retain more by switching up what tasks your brain is engaged come in to the Makerspace and try your hand at puzzles, coloring pages, origami, brain teasers, old-school board games, and tactile toys!

Don't forget to ask for what else might be in the BookBot at Pendleton; we have books of logic puzzles and coloring books for adults, including mandala designs and lateral thinking brain-busters.

Solve a puzzle, whether that's a word puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle, or a 3-D tactile experience; be creative with word games, number games, building sets, and visual art; stretch your thinking with card sets and brain puzzles; and rest your mind with coloring, origami, and our tactile collection. Enjoy the's there for you!

Jigsaw Puzzles

stock photo of generic jigsaw puzzle pieces

Our collection of puzzles will cycle in and out. Most puzzles will be 250-1000 pieces. Come see what we have, and if you'd like to request a puzzle you saw somewhere, let us know!

Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles

3D Wooden Tetris Cube

Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles by Picasso Tiles

Card Packs and Card Games

Critical Thinking Skills card deck

Empowering Questions deck

Wordsmith Deck for writers

Shakespeare trivia deck

IDEO Method cards

Logic Puzzles and Games

Tumble Maze Logic Game

Kanoodle puzzle game

Chroma Cube Logic Game

Traditional Card and Board Games


Chess sets

Giant Checkers sets

Giant Deck of Playing Cards

SET Card Game

Word Games


Keep Gwen Stefani away from this one!


Okay, so this is a number game, not a word still gets the juices flowing!

Magnetic Poetry kits

We have the Nature, Haiku, Country Songs, and Unicorn Lover kits!

Putty and Squeeze Balls

Thinking Putty - Crazy Aaron's Hot Head version

This putty fights you back! It gets tougher the more you stretch and play with it, for when you need to burn off some steam!

Kinetic Sand

Thinking Putty - Crazy Aaron's Color-Changing version

It changes colors from shades of yellow to shades of green as you work it in your hands!

Thinking Putty - Crazy Aaron's Super Scarab version

Pretty iridescent colors that shift under the a beetle's wings!

Fidget Spinners and Toys

Magnetic Ring fidget spinners

Great for stacking, twirling, and fidgeting. They snap together with an oh-so-satisfying click!

Infinity Cube

Nope, it's not a Rubik's fold it open and in on itself again and again...try not to hypnotize yourself!

Building sets


Use our basic set to model your ideas or just to see how high you can build them up...just don't step on them!!

Kiva Maple boards

These boards are great for modeling; they glue together and you can take them home when you're done!

Magnetic Building Sticks


Origami paper and instruction books

This is an origami tyrannosaur you will totally be able to make by visiting the Makerspace

Sometimes simple crafts are the best. We have books of origami patterns to follow and plenty of colored paper for you to try it out with! Make a garland of cranes for your room, fold a flower for a friend who's having a bad day, or send your mom a pretty paper pinwheel! We can't guarantee you'll be folding dinos in no time, but we'll give you the opportunity to practice!

Colored pencils and coloring pages

colored pencils

Sketch out your project ideas in color on blank paper or use some of our printed coloring pages to fill in a mandala.


Japanese-style abacus
These Japanese-style abacuses can be used to learn mental math, which can improve concentration, mathematical ability, and cognitive function, and enable stunning feats of computation...ever heard of a soroban competition?