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Makerspace: Getting Things Done

Let's Get Making!

What's the Makerspace?

Think ♦ Play ♦ Learn!

The Learning Commons Makerspace gives you the space and tools to engage with your coursework, your career aspirations, and your personal goals in new, exciting, and meaningful ways. It’s a place for creating, learning, brainstorming, innovating, and playing! Collaborate with your classmates on projects and assignments, or create materials for presentations or personal enrichment, while simultaneously enhancing and refining your problem-solving and critical thinking skills to promote innovation!

Besides being a space to think and learn, the Makerspace is a perfect place to play – really! Research shows there is a connection between busy hands and brain chemistry. When we use our hands in ways that don’t require much cognitive effort, we give our brains an opportunity to process and consolidate information behind the scenes.

So, if you’re in the Learning Commons studying for an exam, reading a chapter in your textbook, or trying to learn a new concept, take a break and visit the Makerspace to explore the Multisensory Collection. Create with Legos, dig into kinetic sand, pull and squeeze some thinking putty, or twirl a magnetic fidget spinner. Learning has never felt so fun!

Policies and Procedures

  • Open to all TCTC students, faculty, and staff.
  • Please be considerate of the shared space, including but not limited to cleaning up when you're done.
  • Feel free to suggest additions to the collection!  
  • Drop-ins are more than welcome, but we recommend scheduling a brief appointment to best serve you.
    • Appointments are great for some of our high tech equipment:  Electronic Cutting and Drawing Machine (All Campuses), Poster Printer (Pendleton), and 3D Printers (Pendleton).   

Locations and Staffed Hours


Main Campus Makerspace
Pendleton (SSC300 | Student Success Center, Third Floor)

Staffed: M-Th: 8:00am-5:00pm*; F- 8:00am-2:00pm

Community Campus Makerspaces
Anderson (AC132) Easley (EC122) Oconee

Staffed: M-F: 9:00am-2:00pm*


Staffed: M -Th: 8:00am-1:00pm*           


Staffed: M and W: 8:00 am-1:00 pm*
T and Th: 7:30 am - 12:30 pm*
F: 8:00 am - 1:00pm


*You are welcome to use any of the low-tech project supports and supplies when the Tri-County Campuses are open. 

Makerspace Events

Open Studio Maker Event Advert
large graphs on a poster next to event info
Pin back buttons on a green background
Glitter background with Cricut Cutting Machine with Event Info

All Campus Makerspaces

All Campus Makerspaces have:

  • An electronic cutting and drawing machine
  • A buttonmaker 
  • A laminator
  • Various "low-tech" project supports and supplies

Getting Things Done

Maker Supplies and Equipment

These pieces of equipment stay in the Makerspace at all times, but are available for your use any time the Learning Commons is open!

Drop-ins are welcome but appointments can help make sure the space and equipment are available when you want to use them.

3D Printers

Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer (Pendleton)


Yes, we have 3D printers! Our Flashforge Creator Pro prints PLA filament and print two colors at a time! 

Learn more about how current TCTC students, faculty, and staff can use the 3D printers.


VEVOR Buttonmakers, 2 sizes


These two buttonmakers are great for making giveaways and promotional swag for your event or organization. Print out your designs, cut them out, and use our kits with everything you need to make pinback decorations for your backpack or lanyard, or wearable statements! We have two machines: the bigger one makes pins that are 75mm wide, and the smaller one makes pins that are 37mm wide.

360° Camera

Instax X3 360 Camera

Instax 360 X3

The Insta360 X3 360° Camera is capable of capturing high definition 360° and single-lens video with one portable action camera.

360° cameras are one of the easiest ways to create immersive experiences! Test out a 360° camera for your next class project.

3D Scanner

CR-Scan Ferret 

3D scanner and tripod

The ultra light-weight scanner is paired with the Creality Scan App (available on the Makerspace Computer). It scans 3D objects by stitching together a full set of snapshots to create a 3D model that can be converted to a 3D print file.  Use the 3D scanner to aid in the design process, reverse engineer a project, or replicate a cherished object, or create personalized medical treatment solutions. The possibilities are infinite.

Electronic Cutting and Drawing Machine

Cricut Explore Air 2

Electronic Vinyl Cutting Machine

A Cricut cutter cuts complex shapes and designs out of paper and vinyl. It does this mechanically and so can cut the same design over and over, and do it quickly, so you can make batches of identical, complicated cutouts in a shorter span of time, instead of having to cut a design out by hand over and over, which would be a lot slower, be more likely to results in mistakes...and hurt your hand! Cricut maintains a blog with inspiration for projects to try; our machine cuts paper and vinyl, so you can make complex paper cutout designs, customize your water bottle, make one-of-a-kind T-shirts, hats, and tote bags, print and design paper decorations and handouts...whatever you can imagine!

Portable Recording Studio

Padcaster Studio with iPad

The Padcaster Studio is designed for when you need a portable and rugged kit for recording and broadcasting.

Poster Printer

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF610 Poster Printer

Print a poster or banner up to 24 inches wide for your presentation, campus event, or classroom! This full-color printer prints images and text on paper up to 59 feet long and can have your designs sent to it via the dedicated workstation in the Makerspace.

Instructions below:

Heat Press

Heat Press Machine 10" x 10"


The Heat Press in the Makerspace is great for creative projects and student clubs and organizations. This easy heat press machine can be used for heat transfer vinyl and sublimation projects.  Make a customizable t-shirt, tote, or design with the Cricut, Heat Press, and Heat Transfer Vinyl available for free in the Makerspace.


Xyron 2500 Heatless Laminator Press

This laminator works without heating the plastic to dangerous temperatures, and creates a film up to 25 inches wide--that's right, you can laminate the posters you make on the poster printer!

Drawing Tablet

Wacom One Drawing Tablet

Wacom One Drawing Tablet

This device will enable you to add hand-drawn images, animations, and graphics to design software. Head over to the Makerspace Computer at Pendleton to test out this device.  

Think Play Learn!

Brain Games and Puzzles

The science is matters!

(And so does rest!)

Cognitive science shows you retain more by switching up what tasks your brain is engaged come in to the Makerspace and try your hand at puzzles, coloring pages, origami, brain teasers, old-school board games, and tactile toys!

Don't forget to ask for what else might be in the BookBot at Pendleton; we have books of logic puzzles and coloring books for adults, including mandala designs and lateral thinking brain-busters.

Solve a puzzle, whether that's a word puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle, or a 3-D tactile experience; be creative with word games, number games, building sets, and visual art; stretch your thinking with card sets and brain puzzles; and rest your mind with coloring, origami, and our tactile collection. Enjoy the's there for you!

Microelectronics Kits

Discovery Kit for Raspberry Pi

Discovery Kit for Raspberry Pi

The Kitronik Discovery Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico is a great way to learn about microcontrollers, Python coding, and physical computing. The kit is supplied with all of the components needed to complete the seven included experiments, including a large-format breadboard and a Raspberry Pi Pico. No soldering required! You'll need access to a computer with Thonny (free download). 

Inventor's Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico

Inventor's Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico

The Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the Raspberry Pi Pico offers the perfect introduction to physical computing with the Pico. This Inventor's Kit contains everything you need to complete 10 exciting experiments and the included booklet walks you through every step of each. No soldering required! You'll need access to a computer with Thonny (free download). 

Brain Teaser Puzzles

3D Wooden Tetris Cube

Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles by Picasso Tiles



We have puzzles from 250-1000 pieces.  Request one for check out at the Information Desk. 

Card Packs and Card Games

Critical Thinking Skills card deck

Empowering Questions deck

Wordsmith Deck for writers

Shakespeare trivia deck

IDEO Method cards

Logic Puzzles and Games

Tumble Maze Logic Game

Kanoodle puzzle game

Chroma Cube Logic Game

Traditional Card and Board Games


Chess sets

Giant Checkers sets

Giant Deck of Playing Cards

SET Card Game

Word Games


Keep Gwen Stefani away from this one!


Okay, so this is a number game, not a word still gets the juices flowing!

Magnetic Poetry kits

We have the Nature, Haiku, Country Songs, and Unicorn Lover kits!

STEM Models and Kits

Organic Chemistry Molecular Kit

Organic Chemistry Molecular Kit

Mini Human Skeleton Model on Metal Stand

Mini Human Skeleton Model

Cat Anatomy Model

Cat Anatomy Model

Dog Anatomy Model

Dog Anatomy Model

Horse Anatomy Model

Horse Anatomy Model

Putty and Kinetic Sand

Thinking Putty - Crazy Aaron's Hot Head version

This putty fights you back! It gets tougher the more you stretch and play with it, for when you need to burn off some steam!

Thinking Putty - Crazy Aaron's Color-Changing version

It changes colors from shades of yellow to shades of green as you work it in your hands!

Thinking Putty - Crazy Aaron's Super Scarab version

Pretty iridescent colors that shift under the a beetle's wings!

Kinetic Sand

Fidget Spinners and Toys

Magnetic Ring fidget spinners

Great for stacking, twirling, and fidgeting. They snap together with an oh-so-satisfying click!

Infinity Cube

Nope, it's not a Rubik's fold it open and in on itself again and again...try not to hypnotize yourself!

Building Sets


Use our basic set to model your ideas or just to see how high you can build them up...just don't step on them!!

Keva Maple boards

These boards are great for modeling; they glue together and you can take them home when you're done!

Magnetic Building Sticks


Origami paper and instruction books

This is an origami tyrannosaur you will totally be able to make by visiting the Makerspace

Sometimes simple crafts are the best. We have books of origami patterns to follow and plenty of colored paper for you to try it out with! Make a garland of cranes for your room, fold a flower for a friend who's having a bad day, or send your mom a pretty paper pinwheel! We can't guarantee you'll be folding dinos in no time, but we'll give you the opportunity to practice!

Colored pencils and coloring pages

colored pencils

Sketch out your project ideas in color on blank paper or use some of our printed coloring pages to fill in a mandala.


Japanese-style abacus
These Japanese-style abacuses can be used to learn mental math, which can improve concentration, mathematical ability, and cognitive function, and enable stunning feats of computation...ever heard of a soroban competition?


3D Printing

3d printers

Print Specifications

Print Area 

Single & Dual Extrusion: 8.9 inches(227mm) x 5.8 inches(148mm) x 5.9 inches(150mm)



The Makerspace provides a variety of Polylactic Acid (PLA) filaments.  PLA filament is a non-toxic, bio-based industrial thermoplastic that is 100% biodegradable. The 3D Printers can print two colors at time.  

Colors Available:
Pearl White

3D Printing Policy

Who can use the 3D Printer? 

In the spirit of making, Tri-County Technical College students, faculty, and staff are welcome and encouraged to learn how to operate the 3D Printing equipment after a safety & training consultation.  To get started with 3D printing, visit the Learning Commons Information Desk.

Printing is completed on a first-come-first-served basis, however, 3D models being printed for coursework take priority over other printing projects.


  • All operators must attend a safety & training consultation prior to using the 3D printers. 
  • Your safety is our priority.   Notify staff immediately with any safety questions or concerns.  
  • 3D printers have motorized and heated parts. With that in mind, here are some guidelines to stay safe:
    • Do not directly touch the print bed or hot end nozzle while in use or up to 20 minutes after use.  The print bed and hot end nozzle are heated to over 400°F and can cause burns if directly touched.  
    • Do not hover over the machine while it is running to avoid direct contact with potential particle emissions.  
    • Secure long hair, clothing, or jewelry that could potentially get caught in the moving parts of the printer.
    • Mind your fingers!  When the printer is running, ensure your fingers are not near any moving parts!
    • Keep acetone, rubbing alcohol, and other chemicals that may release flammable particles away from the printers while they're in use and on.   

Terms of Use & Copyright

  • Current Tri-County Technical College students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to operate the 3D Printers after Consultation.
  • All Tri-County Technical College Learning Commons patrons must respect the health and safety of the Tri-County Technical College community and abide by all applicable laws, College policies, and College weapons policies.
  • Tri-County Technical College abides by the copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). These laws govern photocopying or creating other reproductions of copyrighted materials. All users of the TCTC Learning Commons 3D printers must abide by copyright laws.
  • Tri-County Technical College Faculty and Staff reserve the right to deny any print request for any reason.
  • 3D Print Requests for Tri-County Technical College coursework will take priority over personal printing projects.  
  • 3D Prints may contain slight imperfections. Tri-County Technical College staff are not responsible for removing supports, rafts, and cleaning completed prints, but we will guide you on 


Currently, there is no cost to Tri-County Technical College students, staff, or faculty for 3D printing services in the Learning Commons.    

Quality Control

3D Printers are very accurate, however, objects with multiple pieces or moveable parts may not be fully operable. Slight imperfections may occur such as small bumps, holes, or rough edges.  Additionally, certain 3D prints will require supports and rafts.  The user can easily remove supports and rafts.  Learning Commons staff will not remove supports and/or rafts, but the Learning Commons does provide filing tools to remove supports and/or rafts.  

If a misprint occurs in the initial print, Learning Commons staff will reprint the 3D print request.  If an error occurs again, Learning Commons staff will recommend suggestions and/or edits to the print.


For questions, please contact the Learning Commons Information Desk at 864-646-1750