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TCTC Circulation Policies: Checkouts and loans

A description of the TCTC Pendleton library circulation policies.

Who can borrow?

  • Tri-County Technical College students from any campus may check out materials with a photo ID.


There is an item with the lost status currently checked out to the student.

  • Bridge students may check out materials with a photo ID.


There is an item with the lost status currently checked out to the student.

  • Academic libraries that request on behalf of their patrons and students may send a PASCAL Delivers request for our reading materials.


Newly acquired material must sit on TCTC shelves for 60 days before they are loanable.

  • Public or academic libraries may request our materials on behalf of their patrons and students through Worldshare.


Material is too new (published within year of the request) or newly acquired (has not sat on TCTC's shelf for 60 days.)

Material is a high demand required reading item for ENG 101 and 102 assignments.

  • Any patron outside the TCTC college system may check out materials with a valid driver's license and email address. (Patrons must present a photo ID to sign up and check out library material.)


The public may only borrow 21 day loan books from the TCTC collection.

How much are late fees?

  • Tri-County Technical College is a late fine free library.

  • You still need to return your items to avoid holds placed on your account through the business office. These holds can prevent you from: signing up for classes on time, and graduating on time.

  • We ask anyone who loses our materials to pay the Amazon listed price for them so that we may replace them.



You may renew an item for the set amount of renewals so long as:

1. There is no hold on the item.

2. You do not have an outstanding balance on your account caused by a lost item status.

Note: renewals intended to remove business account holds are not allowed.

Please return the book or make a replacement payment to release lost book holds.

TCTC Books:

1 courtesy renewal = 3 weeks

1 additional renewal = 3 weeks

PASCAL Delivers Books:

1 renewal = 6 weeks

Worldshare Books:

Renewals depend on lending library's policy. Please ask staff for assistance in renewing a Worldshare book.

Reference Books:

No renewals.


No renewals.

Collaboration Rooms:

2 hour renewals

Rooms may be renewed in 2 hour increments.

When no space is available to accommodate other groups, those with the most renewals must defer room to the newer group provided the newer group is made of 2 or more individuals. 

Calculators, Laptops, HD Camcorder Kits, Voice Amplifiers, SD Cards, SD Card Readers, HDMI Cables, and Markers:

No renewals.

Most equipment should not leave the library with the exception of calculators.

If equipment is needed for a class assignment, please ask staff about potential due date extensions on equipment.

How long can I keep books?

  • TCTC Books: End of current semester
  • PASCAL Delivers: 6 weeks
  • Interlibrary Loan: Lending Library Policy

My class has a text book on reserve?

  • Reserves: 2 hours
  • Semester Reserves: Through the end of the current semester

  • Reserves are text that professors place on hold for their students so they have access to them when they visit the library.
  • Regular reserves are items you may use in the library, but not take home with you. 
  • Semester reserves are for certain classes where the professor allows students to check out a reserve for their class for the whole semester.


Materials that help me collaborate with classmates?

  • Collaboration rooms: 2 hours

  • Dry Erase Markers: 3 hours

What equipment is available to check out?


  • Calculators: 3 days

  • Laptops: 3 hours

  • HD Camcorder Kits: 3 hours (negotiable)

  • Voice Amplifiers: 3 hours

  • SD Cards: 3 hours

  • SD Card Readers: 3 hours

  • HDMI Cables: 3 hours