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Writing Basics and Resources: Writing

Writing Reference eBooks

Online Paper Submission Service

Writing tutors will be available to review papers online.

Writing Consultations via Tutoring Services

The Tutoring Services at the Learning Commons helps students develop the skills they need to become better writers.

Help is available at any stage in the writing process. Students can also get assistance with essays, research papers, journals, and presentations from any subject area.

Writing consultations are not editing sessions. Students will be actively involved in constructing and revising their written work. The goal is to develop writing skills, boost confidence, and navigate students through the draft and revisions process. Because of this, we require students to bring a printed draft of their assignment and be prepared to engage in the session.

Call (864) 646-1367 for a consultation.  


Tutoring Center closed or need a quick answer? Check out this terrific resource: 

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