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Supplemental Instruction & Skillshop Links

This guide provides the direct access links & schedule to virtual SI Sessions as well as Skillshop & Makerspace links.

5 Keys to College Study Success- Skillshop

January 24, 2024, 12:45 - 1:35 PM

We have the five keys you need to unlock success in all your classes! This hands-on skillshop will equip you with strategies to get motivated, create the conditions for success, manage your time effectively, study in a way that you actually remember what you learned, and more. Feel free to bring your course materials, and we'll make a plan to get you off to to your best possible start!

Zoom Link:

Distance Learning Essentials: Navigating Online Classes - Skillshop

January 31, 2024  12:45pm - 1:35pm

Hybrid, synchronous or asynchronous - so many different types of online classes! How will this course be different from a traditional face-to-face one? Distance learning classes offer convenience but can be intimidating.  Dispel the misleading myths of online classes and discover effective strategies so that you can approach your distance learning classes with confidence.   

Zoom Link:

Notetaking to the Next Level - Skillshop

February 7, 2024, 12:45 - 1:35 PM

Pages and pages and pages of notes! Notes on lectures, notes on PowerPoints, notes on textbooks! But what makes something noteworthy? And how can we get more return on this ginormous investment? We'll examine the intrinsic purpose of notetaking, and how we can use more effective and more streamlined techniques, not just to fill up pages, but capture, keep, and internalize knowledge and understanding. 

Zoom Link:

Perils of Plagiarism - Skillshop

February 14, 2024,  12:45pm - 1:35pm

Plagiarism is an opportunistic predator.  It strikes in a moment of doubt and panic.  It takes advantage of ignorance. But we can fight off plagiarism, or banish it altogether, by better understanding what it is, how it happens, and how to countermand it. 

Zoom Link:

Examination Domination- Skillshop

February 21, 2024,  12:45pm - 1:35pm

Are you someone who passed all your tests in high school without having to study? It might have seemed easy then, but, now, you're in college, spending hours going over the material! Even so, has all that studying ever disappeared as soon as you wrote your name on top of the test paper? If you're not sure how to study most effectively for college tests or your old preparation strategies just aren't working anymore, join us for this skillshop!  We will share tips for exam prep, keeping calm on the test day, and tackling test format with confidence. 

Zoom Link:

Critical Digital: Sifting Web Content and Claims with a Critical Eye - Skillshop

February 28, 2024,  12:45pm - 1:35pm

The web is full of information and, even more so, misinformation.  Deep fakes, propaganda, trolls – it creeps insidiously into blogs and websites, news feeds and social media threads, challenging us, in journalistic fashion, to ferret out fact from fantasy.  We’ll explore quick and accessible strategies for verifying web content and for critically assessing the misinformation churning around us. 

Zoom Link:

The Physiology of Learning - Skillshop

March 6, 2024 12:45pm - 1:35pm

The evidence is clear: our bodies help us learn, and doing so involves more than just that crinkly organ between our ears. How we use our bodies impacts what our minds are able to accomplish – movement links to memory, sleep links to stress, creativity links to neuroplasticity, and it all links together. We’ll examine ways to hack the body-brain connection to boost cognitive function and increase our learning power.


Everyone is Biased, Except Me - Skillshop

March 13, 2024,  12:45pm - 1:35pm

We want to avoid bias, what does it really mean to stay that the media is biased, a report is biased, an author is biased? Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so what's the difference? How do I know what's really biased in a bad way? And when do my own views and opinions become "biases" rather than "perspectives"?

Zoom Link:

T.E.A.M.: Together Everyone Achieves More - Skillshop

March 27, 2024,  12:45pm - 1:35pm

Nearly everyone hates group projects the first time out. It’s new; it’s different; and, often for the first time, we’re dependent on someone else to carry their weight! But, like it or not, teamwork and collaboration are essential skills, not just for college, but for workplace success, too. Fortunately, there are some key steps we can take to transform the team experience from ugh to awesome. 

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Presentation Make-Over- Skillshop

April 3, 2024, 12:45 - 1:35 PM

“Death by PowerPoint!” Yep, it’s a thing! But presentations are an essential part of both college assignments and the professional world beyond.  So, how do we construct cohesive, coherent, and visually appealing presentations that don’t put our audience into a narcoleptic coma? We’ll examine the science and the aesthetics of perception that converge to create effective presentations, and how you can use them to win over your audience!"     

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