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Veterinary Technology: Articles

This guide will support Veterinary Technology students with animal anatomy resources, recommended apps, and more!

Getting Started with Databases

Start your search in Primo ( and then branch out to databases. 


Use keywords rather than full sentences or phrases  Example: Search "urinary tract infections AND cats" rather than "what are the symptoms of urinary tract infections in cats"
Try different combinations of keywords to see what different results appear  Example: Search "urinary tract infections OR UTI" AND "cat OR feline"
Use filters or limiters to narrow down your returns Example: Limit by publication date and resource type
Use the provided subject headings to repeat your search to find more resources on the same topic Example: Scan the article for subject headings and search with those keywords in your next search.  

You can find a comprehensive list of our databases on the Database A-Z List.

Database List

Open  Access (Free and Publicly Accessible)

Learning Commons Databases (requires TCTC login)

Vet Tech Specific

Learning Commons Databases (requires TCTC login)


What are peer-reviewed articles?


Peer review (also known as "Refereed") happens in all parts of academia.

Peer review has developed over many years as the primary system to make sure accurate, reliable and original research findings are published in the journal literature. 

Peer Review in Three Minutes by NC State University Libraries is licensed under  CC BY-NC-SA 4.0