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Business / Economics: Companies, Industries, and Entrepreneurs

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Finding Company Information:

When looking for company information consider both information from the company (the company website, press releases, annual reports, etc.) and information about the company that is written by others (newspaper articles, analyst reports, scholarly articles). 

Finding information about a company can include:

  • Finding out if the company is public or private. It can be easier to find information on Public Companies vs. Private Companies because they are required to file documents with the SEC and provide annual reports to their shareholders.
  • Going to the company's website and review the resources and information that they provide about themselves there.
  • Searching for news articles, magazines, or other information about the company. (This may be one of the better ways to find information on a private company).
  • Searching for analyst reports on the company. This can include things like SWOT analysis.
  • Identifying competitors

Finding Industry Information:

Finding industry information can help you better understand the company you are researching and contextualize that information in the correct culture and location.

This page contains:

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  • Industry Information
  • Biographical Resources for Famous Entrepreneurs
  • General Business Resources

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