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Primary Sources: Anthropology

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Primary Sources in Anthropology

Ruth Fulton Benedict Papers

Ruth Benedict made significant contributions to the field in her exploration and examination of the role of individuals in relation to larger societies and cultures, and her integration of analysis of personality and individual agency in cultural description. She published her major work, "Patterns of Culture" in 1934, a comparative work that integrated her own work and others. After WW II, Benedict began studies in Europe among refugees and in the United States among refugees and also among New York neighborhoods, pioneering community action anthropology. She developed the concept of synergy and influenced her student, Abraham Maslow, in his psychological work.

The Ruth Benedict Papers (held at the Vassar College Archive, to be open access): Approximately 8,000 pages from the Benedict archive will be made open access and include notes from various field expeditions, including trips with the Pima, Serrano and Zuni throughout the 1930s.