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Graphic Novels and Comic Books: How to Search for Sources

A guide to finding graphic literature at TCTC, using graphic literature as sources for academic papers, and learning more about how to draw graphic literature.

Journals on Comic Art

The TCTC collection holds several journals devoted to the comic arts!  If you are looking for a topic, these would be a great place to start.

Getting Started with your Research

Just getting started with your research?  

For help with every step of the research process, from choosing a topic and developing research questions to finding and evaluating sources and writing up your paper with proper citations, see this helpful guide!


While comic books have been around for many decades, Graphic Literature is a relatively young genre.

Comic Studies as a field of academic research is even younger.

So the library doesn't have a "Comic Studies Database" ... when you are looking for sources, which databases you use will depend on the question you are researching.

Video Resources for the Study of Graphic Literature

How to Cite a Comic

Graphic literature appears in many different formats and styles, often with multiple authors and titles, which can lead to confusion when it comes time to cite your sources.  Here is a guide to comic art citation written by Allen Ellis of Northern Kentucky University.