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Accounting: Books, Ebooks, & Reference


The TCTC Catalog:

To search the TCTC book catalog, head to, type your search term in the search box, and select "TCTC library catalog only" from the drop-down that appears.


Books and reference material are useful for getting an overview of a given topic. For reference materials, this overview is usually a short, fact-oriented description of the topic, occasionally with references. They are considered one of the most authoritative sources. Books, similarly, usually approach a topic from multiple perspectives. These are some of the longest forms of research, and you may find that you only need a specific chapter or section of a book, rather than the whole thing.

Keep in mind, a book can go the complete other direction in terms of specificity. Rather than a bird's eye view of a topic, it could delve very deep into just one aspect of a topic, exploring it fully and providing a deep understanding. Again, it may be valuable to focus on sections of books rather than complete works while doing research.