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Academic Integrity at TCTC

A Flip-Guide to Ethical Academic Behavior

Help is available, whenever you have questions and concerns about academic integrity.  If at any point you find yourself struggling with an academic integrity issue, an academic support issue, or just start feeling overwhelmed by the process, talk to someone.  Start anywhere.  We'll help to get you to the right folks with the right answers.

For academic integrity concerns, your best contact will likely be your instructor.  Your instructor can clarify the parameters of the assignment, for instance, or the level of collaboration they’re willing to allow on a given project.  Your instructor can help with logistical concerns, like the citation style to use for your research paper.  And your instructor can be an important advisor and advocate when you're feeling confused or conflicted about academic integrity concerns.  Your academic advisor and your success coach may also serve as accessible and informative resources.

For academic support beyond the classroom, the Tutoring Services provided by the Learning Commons will be extremely helpful.  Tutoring services are open to all students, regardless of how you’re doing in the course, and tutors can assist with both subject-area content and learning strategies that will help you get the most out of your study. 

The Learning Commons is also your source for Research Services and assistance.  Librarians are essentially professional researchers who can help direct you towards solid sources for your topic and may often suggest other perspectives to consider.  Each academic subject-area will have a liaison librarian who works to provide resources for that discipline.  Those liaison librarians can be especially helpful.

If you’re dealing with an accessibility issue, a learning issue, or any other challenge that might impact your ability to get the most out of your courses, the Accessibility Resource Center will be an important point of contact.  They can serve as a staunch advocate and will help you understand your options and possible accommodations. 

Similarly, if you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed or impacted by other factors affecting your well-being, Health and Wellness services can point you towards internal and external resources to assist with child support, transportation, food insecurity, and other concerns.

Student Support and Engagement in conjunction with the Learning Commons sponsors a series of Skillshops throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.  Skillshops are low-key but highly effective ways to gain extra proficiency with study skills, research skills, time management, and a range of other tools designed to help students better succeed in college and in life.