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Fake News and Evaluating Resources: Fake Collections

Flexible, convenient, irrefutable - Fake sources are the future of research

Facts and the truth are so 20th century.  Today's researcher has moved on to a more relativist approach.  Thanks to a generous $400M donation from Veronica Butcher, class of '17, the library is now offering a wide array of resources tailored to researchers who use fake news and alternative facts to make whatever claims they want.  This guide will give you all the basic tools you need to shape fake news to take your research in whatever direction you need.  

In this post-fact world, don't let truth shape you, instead shape the truth you need!

New Fake Book Collection


Worlds Book Encyclopedia of Fake News and Facts: A series of reference "books" containing thousands of words on magnetic backings.  Arrange the words on the magnetic surfaces of the book cover, spine or pages in the book to make the book about whatever you need. 



Fake News Video Thumbnail Generator





Procrustes: Database of fake news already in circulation.  Find thousands, nay millions, of articles that conform to your every preconception






The Totally Credible and Believable Fact (TCBF) Generator:  Need a made up fact fast?  Use this fact generator to create a series of "facts" in quick succession.






Linda Training: Tutorials on the best strategies for creating your own fake news.  Want your article to be irresistible click bait, start your training here!