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Careers: Personal Finance


Financial Literacy

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy
Developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to help Americans understand their personal finances through every stage of life.

Cash Course®
Free non-commercial financial education resources for colleges from the National Endowment for Financial Education.

Financial Capability Study
Through groundbreaking state-by-state findings, this study aims to assess and establish a baseline measure of the financial capability of U.S. adults. Commissioned by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

Financial Literacy Center
Joint project of the RAND Corporation, Dartmouth College, and the Wharton School to develop innovative financial literacy programs.

10 Steps to Financial Success
Ten steps that can make one's financial succees a reality.

Money Sense: Empower Your Financial Future
Financial education basics from the NYSE, including an online interactive financial literacy curriculum.

Practical Money Skills for Life
Financial literacy program developed by VISA in partnership with consumer advocates, educators, and financial institutions.

Smart investing @ your library®
Partnership between the American Library Association and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, promoting free, unbiased investor resources, tools, and ideas for financial literacy programs.

Personal Finance 101: Budgeting

Money Management
An instruction on how to manage money, which includes how to set goals, get organized, track spending, build budget and save.

Money 101
Step-by-step guide to gaining control of your financial life.

Maney Smart: FDIC Financial Education Program
Free, reliable financial education curriculum for adults and young adults available as computer-based instruction, CD-ROM, or podcasts.

U.S. government site dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics of financial education.

Save in
Free, unbiased financial information on saving, credit, car buying, and protecting your money from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

Smart About Money
Practical help and resources for making sound financial decisions, from the National Endowment for Financial Education.

Basic Banking Services

Compare rates for checking, savings, and CDs, and mortgages. Also include bank ratings and calculators to compare borrowing costs.

America's Credit Unions
Website for the Credit Union National Association, offering information on locating and joining a credit union, as well as latest news in consumer finance.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Resources to educate and protect consumers about banks, internet banking, loans, mortgages and fraud protection.

Help With My Bank
Created by the U.S. Treasury Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, this site reinforces the fair treatment of national bank customers and answers questions on credit cards, mortgages, and loans.

Choose to Save
Wide variety of savings and financial calculators from Choose to Save®, sponsored by the Employee Benefit Research Institute and the American Savings Education Council.

Healthy Habits that Save

America Saves
Savings tips, strategies, and resources to help build personal wealth.

Choose to Save: Savings Tips
Helpful tips from Choose to Save®, the award winning national financial education program created by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Feed the Pig
Interactive site designed to help young adults aged 25-34 gain control of their finances.

Treasury Direct®
Comprehensive site for saving and investing in U.S. Treasure securities.

66 Ways to Save Money
Savings tips from the U.S. General Services Administration Federal Citizen Information Center.

Credit and Debt Management
Request a free credit report once every 12 months from the only authorized online source for free credit reports under federal law.

Consumer's Guide to Credit Cards
Guide to credit cards from the Federal Reserve, including information on new credit card rules.

Credit Reports and Credit Scores
Concise explanation of credit scores, reports, and errors, with useful links to consumer help and bilingual resources.

Federal Trade Commission Fair Debt Collection
Commonly asked questions about your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, with information about filing a complaint with the FTC.

Getting Credit
Indentity Theft, credit scams, lost wallets. credit fraud, with information about maintaining, improving and protecting good credit.

Know the Score: How Your Credit Score Impacts Your Financial Future
Explanation of credit score calculations.

Managing Your Credit
Tips for establishing and maintaining good credit.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling
Connects consumers with local credit counseling services.

Payday Loans
Learn the dangers of payday loans and lenders.

Preparing for Financial Emergencies

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy: In Crisis
Prepare for unexpected hardship with information on topics related to bankruptcy, disability, debt, and death.

Getting Through Tough Financial Times
Sound advice on coping with financial stress.

Health and Retirement Benefits After a Job Loss
Information from the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) on protecting health coverage and retirement benefits.


Identity Theft & Investment Scams/ Financial Fraud

Identity Theft
Lessons cover everything on the basics of identity theft including common practices of identity thieves, preventing identity theft, how to recover, federal laws on identity theft and helpful resources

Fighting Back Against Identity Theft
One-stop resource to learn how to deter, detect and defend against identity theft.

FINRA Broker Check
Check the professional background of current and former FINRA-registered securities firms and brokers. Avoid Fraud
Tips from the SEC on avoiding scams.

Investor Protection
The tools you need to be an informed investor and avoid problems in today's complex world of investing, from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authorithy (FINRA).

Money Matters: Tips from the FTC
Get help weathering tough economic times and tackling money issues from the Federal Trade Commission.

OCC Fighting Identity Theft
Consumer protection information from the U.S. Treasury Department Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
Practical tips from government and the technology industry sources to help protect yourself against Internet fraud.

Protect Yourself Online
Safeguard your money and personal information in online accounts.

Annuities and Structured Settlements
The premier informational resource on the Internet about annuities and structured settlements.

Investing and Wealth Building

Choosing Investments
Learn the advantages, disadvantages, risks and costs of different types of investments.

FINRA Investor Education Foundation
Accurate, unbiased educational materials from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

Getting Ready to Invest
Assess your current situation and create goals. Invest Wisely
The resources you need to learn the basics, protect yourself, and stay informed.

Yahoo Finance
Comprehensive free financial site, featuring economic news, personal finance topics, and information about investing.

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