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Careers: Retirement/Insurance/Taxes/Mortgage


Retirement Planning

Plan Well, Retire Well
Funded in part by a grant from the Investor Protection Trust, this nonprofit University of Illinois site provides independent, objective investor education.

Money 101: Planning for Retirement
 Provides tools which helps estimate how well a person's savings program is preparing him for retirement.

Retirement Confidence Survey
Latest retirement research from the Employee Benefits Research Institute

Retirement Savings Education Campaign
Information about retirement from the U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration.

Smart 401k Investing
Step-by-step guide to starting, investing and managing your retirement account.

Top 10 ways to Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement
Concise booklet created by the Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration.

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Federal corporation protecting workers in defined pension benefit plans.

Social Security Administration
Use retirement planner and benefits calculator, apply for benefits, and find Social Security information and tools.

Retirement Calculator
 A calculator to help create a retirement plan. View  retirement savings balance and withdrawals for each year until the end of the retirement. Social security is calculated on a sliding scale based on income.

Health Insurance
Official U.S. site for Medicare, with information on enrollment, eligibility, coverage, and claims. Taking Health Care Into Your Own Hands
Learn about insurance options, coverage, and consumer rights under the new Affordable Care Act.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners Consumer Information Source
Check out an insurance company's complaint record before purchasing insurance, provided by insurance regulators from 50 states.

Stop Medicare Fraud
Tools, announcements, and information from the U.S. Departments of Health & Human Services and Department of Justice on fighting and reporting Medicare fraud.

Public service site sponsored by the AICPA offering tips and checklists for tax season and year-round tax planning.

Internal Revenue Service
Tax forms, publications, and online services for individuals, businesses, charities, nonprofits, and government entities.

Tax Relief/Job Creation Act of 2010
CCH Tax Briefing and special report on the 2-yr tax cut extension.

Smart Tax Planning
Lessons on methods to legally lower a tax burden throughout the year. The program covers retirement plans, education plans, flexible spending accounts and transportation savings accounts, investing and tax fraud.


The Road to Homeownership
 A program that covers everything one neesd to know to start the homebuying process off right. It includes preparing for homeownership, understanding mortgages, getting a loan, searching for a home and making an offer, and closing and tax benefits.

Avoiding Foreclosures
Accurate, unbiased information from HUD for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Help for Homeowners from the Illinois Attorney General
Important information for homeowners behind in mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure and avoid scams.

Making Home Affordable
U.S. government program providing support for homeowners, including mortgage and foreclosure assistance.

Mortgage Foreclosure Resources
Resources from the Federal Reserve System for consumers, small municipalities, housing counselors, and community groups.

Estate Planning

Cornell University Legal Information Institute
The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University guide to estate planning.

American Bar Association Estate Planning FAQs
An introduction to estate planning topics from the American Bar Association.

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