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Management & Leadership: Start Here

Introduction to Books

Welcome to TCTC's Management and Leadership LibGuides

These pages are your starting point for research for Management and Leadership courses. The tabs include:

  • This homepage
  • Books and Databases
  • Research and Writing Basics

This tab houses general resources for the overall topics of Management and Leadership. You'll find databases on business and general studies to use as starting points for your research projects.

If you have any questions, would like to request a resource, or need assistance, don't hesitate to call the library at (864-) 646-1750 or use the chat feature via the floating button below during open hours!

These books and e-books are part of TCTC's collections of reference materials on business; they'll help you lay the groundwork for additional knowledge. For example, if you need to define terms for a paper, use one of the dictionaries. If you need to get a broad overview of a labor movement or the history of a type of product so you can zero in on a topic for further research, use the history books and encyclopedias to find something you can narrow down. And for a general overview of a concept in the worlds of business, use the general reference books.

This tab contains six boxes:

  • This introductory box
  • Databases
  • General Reference
  • Contact the Learning Commons
  • Dictionaries
  • Books on the History of Business

And don't forget to check out our pages on Research Basics if you're not sure how to start!

Management and Leadership Research Resources

In general, all of the databases you find under Business in the A-Z Guide will be useful. These are better bets than simply Googling for the information you want because these databases are full of vetted and curated sources, so you know you're getting reliable information!

General Reference

Books on the History of Business

Contact the Learning Commons

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