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Management & Leadership: Market and Industry Research


No business venture undertaken can be successful without a good understanding of the landscape into which it is started. The key to understanding the terrain of any market is research.

This tab contains:

  • This introduction box
  • Market Research
  • Market Locations

Market Research

These resources are useful for researching a market or potential for one. They offer statistics, surveys showing public opinion, and demographic breakdowns by categories like education level, income, family size, ect., on geographical maps to get an idea of where a product or service might best meet the needs of ready consumers.

stock image of a group of people being looked at through a magnifying glass to convey the idea of researching a market

Market Locations

This box contains resources to help investigate markets and economies regionally, nationally, and globally. Take the temperature of the economy overall or research where might be best to set up a headquarters or sell a given product!