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Sociology: Fake News & Alternative Facts Generators

Alternative types of evidence

[image: a pyramid of levels of evidence.  "I just know" is at the top, above systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials, cohort studies, case-control studies, case series and reports, and editorials and expert opinion.]

Figure from Science Post.

Levels of Evidence

According to the Science Post, "I just know" is now the highest level of evidence, but your professor may still require you to find other evidence to back your assertions.  

Don't waste time looking for evidence, use the generators to the left to create what you need to really make your arguments shine!

News, Facts, and Correlation Generators

Alternative Facts

Don't like the facts that are out there?

Click the Alternative Fact button to get a new one!


Breaking News Generators

[image: screen shot of a tv news report with text: "Breaking news: Library excess.  Library wastes millions in stapler birthday bash]Need a good headline to make your point?

Use either of these generators to make a news image like this one with your choice of headline and photo:


Spurious Correlation Finder

Need a graph that ties together two unrelated variables? Check out Spurious Correlations - choose your variable and discover a correlation.

Look!  Precipitation in Rice County, MN drives worldwide consumption of beef! 

[image: graph showing correlation between precipitation in Rice County, MN and Per capita consumption of beef from 2000 - 2009]

Graph via Spurious Correlations by Tyler Vigen Shared under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0)  license.