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Birds of a Feather: TCTC Learning Commons and Clemson Libraries for Bridge Students: Home

Birds of a Feather? What's All This Then?

Students in the Bridge Program have a unique capability to access both the TCTC Learning Commons and the Clemson University Libraries.  While our resources and student supports are mutually reinforcing and closely allied – birds of a feather, so to speak – we’re not just the same stuff twice.  We each have our own flavors and perspectives.  This guide highlights some of the many ways in which our shared resources can help our students soar to new heights -- by providing a broader range of options and opportunities for students to expand their information base and to build their learning toolkit. 

Contact the TCTC Learning Commons

  • Central Help Desk
    • (864) 646-1750

  • Library Services
    • Pendleton (864) 646-1750
      Anderson (864) 260-6720
      Easley (864) 220-8899
      Oconee (864) 613-1964

Contact Clemson Libraries

Other ways to get in touch


Use our appointment scheduler to book a 1-on-1 appointment with a librarian


chat bubblesText


smiling faceVisit

Cooper 4th floor Library Services Desk or the desk in Special Collections and ArchivesGunnin Architectural Library, or the Education Media Center.

apple iconLearn

Watch a tutorial video, see upcoming events, or request instruction