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Birds of a Feather: TCTC Learning Commons and Clemson Libraries for Bridge Students: Academic Support

Personalized Tutoring at TCTC

At TCTC, the Learning Commons is the primary venue for tutoring and academic support.  Our professional, CRLA-certified tutors often have considerable experience and advanced degrees in their disciplines – in other words, they have chops – and they’ll work one-on-one with you to help you get better at math, at writing, or subject areas from Bio to Spanish.  Our writing-specific tutors can assist at every level of the writing process, from first to final draft, and they can help you think strategically and intentionally about your writing, so you can communicate your ideas and insights most effectively.

Academic Coaching & Learning Strategies

In the Learning Commons, we keep careful track of the latest developments in the learning sciences – how our brains actually function to encode, retain, and retrieve knowledge and information – and we leverage those findings to help you get the most out of your studies.  Our Learning Strategist can work directly with you on study strategies, time management techniques, and other learning skills that are supported by cognitive science and can help you maximize the return on your study investment.

Academic Support - Clemson Libraries

Find out more information about our partners. Some partners are located within Cooper Library and some have satellite services during certain times/days during normal operations. 

Learning Strategies from Academic Success Center

Supplemental Instruction

If you’re taking one of those courses -- notoriously difficult, but immensely rewarding when you make it through – you might want to consider Supplemental Instruction (SI). SI is like having a peer coach for the course, someone who has already taken the course, done well, and, now, wants to help you succeed, too. SI instructors ride along with the course and meet with small groups of students on a regular basis to review concepts, practice problems, prep for examines – all the stuff you might do on your own, but, in this case, get to do alongside someone who knows the drill.

SI sessions take place on both TCTC’s Pendleton Campus and in the Lightsey Bridge Commons on Clemson’s Campus. SI courses typically include…

  • Accounting 101
  • Biology 101, 102, 113, & 114
  • Chemistry 110 & 111
  • Math 111, 120, 130, 137, 138, 140, 141, & 230
  • Physics 221